As per Kovi’s request, we went to a local farm animal sanctuary to celebrate Kovi’s 3rd birthday. 

Went to a local park today.


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Unintentionally left out the answer to two different questions in the Q&A video. So, here are the answers.

Second one. Tagged by miloscorner.
1. Definitely before Kovi was born… Either 2010 or early 2011.
2. Shortly after Yishai came home from the hospital. August 2013 
3. Who knows, but we’re adorable.
4. Wearing newborn Yishai 💕💕💕
5. Wearing toddler Kovi 2012 💕💕💕
6. Shortly before Yishai made his appearance. Spring 2013.

I was tagged at least two times for the selfies tag and because I’m so vain, I’m going to do two separate posts. Lol. First one… Tagged by dariahill
1. August or September 2010.
2. A month or two ago?
3. Shortly after my grandmother died, late 2010
4. Mother’s Day hike 2014
5. With baby Kovi, May 2011
6. Thanksgiving 2013.

Part 3 of the Q&A video!

[Part 1] — unintentionally edited out my answer to two questions, so I will answer those in a future vlog… :-/

[Part 2]

Q&A part 2!

…part 3 will be uploaded tomorrow.

Q&A part 1!

Yishai went from laying on his tummy to sitting for the first time today… and I got it on video!!

Side note, I’m editing the q&a video. Unedited, 47 minutes!!!! o.O Hopefully I can knock it down quite a bit… 

Recording the q&a video tomorrow night/Sunday, so if you have any questions, send them my way! Thank you for all the questions so far!

Just a little song that Kovi wrote. <3 <3 <3

New video is up!

Turned on anon for those interested in asking me something for my q&a video, but didn’t feel comfortable doing so under their name.

Just FYI, I will not answer any questions I deem negative. Only use the anon (on my page and everywhere) for good.